Are you a couch potato?  Oh no!  This one is going to be a biggie!

Busy days?  So much on your plate.  Never ending "To Do's?"  It's a tough challenge to find time for exercise in an overly full schedule.  However . . . no excuse is a "good excuse."  There's no time left when your time finally runs out; so to have more of it longer, and of better quality, take time now to exercise. 

Find time.  Make time. Put "working out" on your schedule. Then, keep your appointments (don't break your agreements) with your self.  
This aspect of Natural Health is especially important if you've been told by your doctor (or just figured it out for yourself) that you MUST stay active to be healthy; a sedentary lifestyle may be deadly.  Activity keeps the currents moving through your Nervous System, Bloodstream, Digestive Tract, etc.!

Do you feel like asking these key questions:
  • Who needs regular exercise?  
  • What is a complete workout?  
  • When is the best time of day for exercise?  
  • Where should I go?
  • Why do it, really?
  • How do I do it, now that I am motivated?
Read this first:  The Older You Get . . .
Yes . . .theDangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle - This is a Warning!

Keeping both the Mind and Body active is imperative for overall health. So, 

Generally, health and fitness experts agree that there are three parts to a complete workout:

  • Stretch & Balance for Flexibility
  • Weight Resistance for Strength
  • Cardio-Vascular Aerobic Activity for Heart Health and Circulation

  • Plenty of information is available regarding Weight Resistance and the best way to be sure you are doing it thoroughly and correctly is to join a Health Club and get some professional coaching.  While you are there, you will also find all the equipment you need for a good Cardio workout:  treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, recumbent bicycles, etc.  And there is always the "great outdoors" for walking, hiking, bike riding and other activities.

    Or learn from a Physical Therapist!  They are the best and most reliable source of safe exercise activity and related information.

    Because much less guidance is readily available for Stretching and Balancing, here (below) are some entertaining Slide Shows to give you some ideas to work with right now.  Of course, be sure you are in condition to do these movements safely! 

    Follow-Along Stretching Routines:

    Recommended Reading: 


    Web Links to Healthy Lifestyle Products:


    This is clever back support design is terrific for use at home, in school, at work . . . take it to a ball game, or anywhere you must sit for a prolonged period of time!  Highly recommended!

     Nada Chair Back Support –  www.nadachair.com   
    Specifically, this one:  The BackUp - Nada Chair 



    Self-paced, self-regulated safe cardio using a "mini-trampoline" - but NOT for jumping!  Simply step, march, lift one foot at a time, or rock from side-to-side on the rubberized surface.  No jarring impact on the spine, joints, organs.  Safely improves Lymphatic Circulation.  Holding onto the "Stabilizing Bar" is secure and safe even for those in pain.  Fun with your favorite music!

    The best one available by far is the Needak Rebounder.  Its sturdy construction and top grade materials will last for ages.

    The folding model can be easily folded in half for taking with you (after the bar is removed, of course).  Comes with a convenient carrying case. See link above.  (Also available in a lovely blue color!)

    Rebounding Benefits the Body


    These are the perfect indoor exercise shoes.  I call them "Flexible Breathers" because of the featherweight, porous material; and they bend completely in the middle! 

    Ideal for use on the Rebounder, and for stretching using a non-slip mat.  The straight cut toe
    provides a visual line for alignment of the feet; the completely flexible mid-section allows for lifting, holding under the arch, stretching.  Not for outdoor use.

    dance4less.com Jazz Shoes (Click on Link and scroll down)


    Non-Slip Floor Mats are available everywhere today.  Just in case you can't find the right one locally, here are some online sources with good products.


    This one is good because it has lines for aligning the feet by walking straight and standing with tips of the toes placed along the same line.  

    Reversible Saratoga Yoga Mat (6mm)

    This is a sample of their beautiful styles.  Large selection to choose from.

    Heritage Store Aura Glow Oil, Almond - 8 fl oz
    In the opinion of many people who care about "pure and natural" this is one of the best Body Oils available.

    It comes in Lavender, Rose, and Almond Scent.  All three are delicious aromas and the oil is exquisite - not expensive.  For massage and personal use.



    Discover your sense of smell!  The therapeutic benefits of breathing the sweet, pungent aroma blends of natural herbs, spices, and oils cannot be overestimated.  When sprayed into the air you inhale through the nose, the benefits enter your system in a most refreshing and stimulating way.  It is both delicious for the Olfactory (smell) Sense as well as helpful to the Endocrine System.  

    These blends help the body to attain "Whole Body Positive Health" according to Dr. Debrah Zepf, one of our most beloved Practitioners, who did her PhD Thesis on this subject. Through her clinical research, she found that using aromatic medicine blends can lower cholesterol and improve general health!  She has developed a product line that is pure and natural.  A different blend for each of the Energy Centers (glands) of the Human Body.  You can easily incorporate the use of Aroma Therapy into your Healthcare Practice in combination with Acuscope-Myopulse Treatments.  And enjoy using Aroma Therapy in your personal life as well.  Aromas can enhance and inspire your state of MIND while you EXERCISE the BODY.  

    Be sure to recommend this line of products to others.  

    Available as Essential Oil Blend and/or Spray Bottle "Spritzers" 
    PLEASE NOTE:  Dr. Zepf is available for instruction.

    Click on this link to order:  Essential Oils: Chakra Blends & Mist Spritzers 

    Or call Dr. Zepf's office directly to order:  303-249-742 


    67The Ph of your Saliva can reveal whether you are alkaline or acidic.  Eating certain foods, and food combinations, can lead to stomach upset, gas, and dangerous, uncomfortable acidity.   

    A healthy level of alkalinity should be maintained.  These little, convenient dispensers of saliva testing paper will provide the opportunity to test yourself anytime, anywhere:

    There's nothing like an authentic rainbow to show you true colors, especially close-up, made visible from sunlight streaming through a crystal, hanging in an East-facing window in the morning when the sun is rising; or, a West-facing window in the afternoon, just before sunset. If you see the value of imprinting the 7 colors into your mind, remember the acronym, ROY G BIV [Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet]. Then hang your crystals and wait for sunrise each morning. Spend your day as a radiant prism generating light. Reinforce the brightness before the sun goes down. Focus your eyes on the colors while practicing Breathing Techniques.


    http://www.amazon.com for rainbow crystals 



    Holding  quartz and other crystals in your hands feels good.  

    These clear quartz heart-shaped crystals fit perfectly into the contour of the palm, while the fingers wrap comfortably around the smooth rounded shape. Simply hold them, especially during your Power Nap.  

    Here is a collection of crystals and earth stones that may be held in various combinations.  For example, while holding a heart-shaped clear quartz in the right hand, hold one of the other types of crystal in the left.  Or, hold only the smoky quartz ball (upper left) in both hands; or the fluorite ball (to the right) in combination with the fluorite frog.  

    A pendulum can steady the mind, swinging right and left or back and forth while holding another crystal in the other hand.  Breathe in long slow, deep exhalations and inhalations to help circulate oxygen and energy.  It is thought that crystals are made of trapped frequencies, hence their color.  

    Shown below are a set that correspond to the "Chakras" (glands of the Endocrine System; energy centers of the body and head).  From left to right (base to crown):

    Red Jasper - Carnelian - Citrine - Rose Quartz - Lapis - Sodalite - Amethyst
                                                          Green Quartz

    To purchase a set of the above heart-shaped crystals, call Jewelry & Mineral of Las Vegas702.733.7166 and ask for Mike.  Let him know that you are a friend of Jan Dacri (DAK-REE) and he will know what you want.  He is a wealth of information as a resource; and a very special person.  The huge store in Las Vegas is definately worth visiting if/when you are in town.  It is on Sahara, just north of The Strip.  

    They will accept credit card payment over the phone and will safely pack and ship your crystals anywhere.  These make great gifts for anyone "to have and to hold!"

    Plants and crystals . . . a good combination.  See Smoky Quartz sphere in the photo (right) with Zamofolia and Philodendron Brasil also Kukui Nut Necklace from Hawaii.

    FOR INFORMATION ON PLANTS that produce Fresh Air to Breathe where you workout and where you work and live indoors, go to  1 BREATHING and scroll down . . .