Why do we need Oxygen?

It’s a simple answer: we die without it.

Think of a candle flame burning.  Whathappens when you cut off the air supply? Right, the fire dies.

However, with plenty of fresh Oxygen circulating, the candle flame keeps dancing.  Same thing happens with our cells.

The underlying understanding of cellular metabolism is a little more complicated, but not much.    

We’ve all heard about how brain death occurs in 7 minutes without Oxygen.  With an ample supply,  our brain cells do a better job of staying alive andworking away to repair and replace themselves ... naturally ... along with all of the rest of the trillions of cells of all typesthat make up our human body.

Now, how about Breathing?

Sure, we all do it automatically.  However, the majority of us have unconsciously developed the habit of shallow, upper chestrespiration, causing a limited supply of O2 to enter the lungs.  Since all cells need it, especially where there is dis-ease or damageto repair, we'd better get lots of it!  Most commonly, we don't.

So, doesn’t it make sense to do whatever it takes to deliver fresh, rich, life-giving Oxygen into the air you (and those around you) are breathing all the time?  

And wouldn't it be wise to breathe it in a way that develops your fullest lung capacity to insure that each and every cell (from your head to your toes) can survive and thrive? 

Here’s how . . . 

You are welcome to simply read, save in a file on your computer, or you can print out any of the printable handouts, all about Healthy Habit #1 - Breathing:


          Cleaning the Air (Removing Pollutants and Toxic Particulates)
          (Choosing Green Leafy ones that Produce High Amounts of O2 & Help Filter the Air)
  • The best plant food on the market, my absolute favorite, is Eleanor's VF-11 Liquid Plant Food.  Their special formula simply makes plants thrive. Use a capful in a standard pitcher-size container every time you water!
    Product Details
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for  Eleanor's VF-11


"The Best Plants to Breathe By" - Fill your personal space with fresh Oxygen to Breathe!



Conscious Breathing Techniques
(Benefits: Improve Lung Capacity; Increase Oxygen Intake; Insure Healthy Cells)

Enjoy the Following Entertaining PowerPoint SLIDE SHOWS (Open and Watch & Learn) 
or Open as PDF Documents to view each slide, read and ponder:


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When we must be inside most of the time, and no sunshine streams in through the windows, many people (and animals) experience emotional darkness (depression; SAD -Seasonal Affective Disorder). It is also not possible to have live plants thrive indoors in rooms without sunlight. Thankfully, Full-Spectrum Lighting is now available, mimicking sunlight indoors. 

Read more . . . find links to websites to purchase Full-Spectrum bulbs, tubes, and fixtures. 

Here is a link to the Full Spectrum Light Bulbs you need for this purpose:

OttLite ED25-V-FFP 25W Edison-Based Swirl Bulb

Install Track Lighting so that the light shines from about 5 feet away from the leaves.

CLICK HERE for a standing Floor Lamp which provides  enough Full Spectrum Lighting for a group of plants to thrive in your treatment room.  

Ott-Lite is the originator of this concept and has the best products on the market for natural, indoor daylight.  

Read the fascinating story of how Full Spectrum Lighting originated when Dr. Ott was working for Walt Disney.


Colorful ceiling "LightUps" - an innovative idea for treatment rooms, waiting rooms, workout and meeting room ceilings to uplift and enhance mood. You won't believe this if you've never seen it before. Very cool:
Feel Good Ceiling Light Ups


There's nothing like an authentic rainbow to show you true colors, especially close-up, made visible from sunlight streaming through a crystal, hanging in an East-facing window in the morning when the sun is rising; or, a West-facing window in the afternoon, just before sunset. If you see the value of imprinting the 7 colors into your mind, remember the acronym, ROY G BIV [Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet]. Then hang your crystals and wait for sunrise each morning. Spend your day as a radiant prism generating light. Reinforce the brightness before the sun goes down. Focus your eyes on the colors while practicing Breathing Techniques.


http://www.amazon.com for rainbow crystals



Holding  quartz and other crystals in your hands feels good.  

These clear quartz heart-shaped crystals fit perfectly into the contour of the palm, while the fingers wrap comfortably around the smooth rounded shape. Simply hold them, especially during your Power Nap.  

A fantastic resource for crystals is in Las Vegas.

To purchase a set of the above heart-shaped crystals, call Jewelry & Mineral of Las Vegas 702.733.7166 and ask for Mike.  Let him know that you are a friend of Jan Dacri (DAK-REE) and he will know what you want.  He is a wealth of information as a resource; and a very special person.  The huge store in Las Vegas is definately worth visiting if/when you are in town.  It is on Sahara, just north of The Strip.  Or . . . He will ship a set to you.  MasterCard/Visa.  Ask for the Basic Set of Hearts: includes two large Clear Quartz and one medium size heart-shaped crystal corresponding to each of the 7 Energy Centers.  You may wish to order an extra set of two Clear Quartz to keep in your pockets while you work or workout or take a Power Nap.  Good for use in combination with Acuscope-Myopulse Treatments.

They will accept credit card payment over the phone and will safely pack and ship your crystals anywhere.  These make great gifts for anyone "to have and to hold!"
Call and speak to Mike at The Crystal Store.  

Plants and crystals . . . a good combination.  See Smoky Quartz sphere in the photo (right) with Zamofolia and Philodendron Brasil also Kukui Nut Necklace from Hawaii.

FOR INFORMATION ON PLANTS that produce Fresh Air to Breathe where you workout and where you work and live indoors, go to  1 BREATHING and scroll down . . . 


Insure Oxygen is in the air you breathe. 
See links (below) to Sites about INDOOR PLANTS & TREES: 

Choose from a list of titles of articles that you may find interesting to read about Plant Care:
Colorado State University - Plant Department Publications

Learn about the work of one of the great pioneers of the Fresh Air Industry, Dr. B.C. Wolverton. His book, How To Grow Fresh Air has opened many eyes to the problem of indoor air pollution; and provided insights as to how to overcome this huge health challenge by growing plants and trees where-ever we breathe inside buildings. He was in charge of the NASA Study on Indoor Plants. Visit his website to learn more.

If you're not yet convinced that plants belong inside our homes and offices, read this article in Wikipedia: 
Indoor Air Quality (and Pollution).

Recommended Books to Read:


Advanced technology in air purification is called Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI). The best quality product in Air Purifiers (my personal opinion) is Fresh Air by Ecoquest. You can find out all about this technology by a Google Search. One source for purchasing this product is:

Air Purifiers for Sale


Discover your sense of smell!  The therapeutic benefits of breathing the sweet, pungent aroma blends of natural herbs, spices, and oils cannot be overestimated.  When sprayed into the air you inhale through the nose, the benefits enter your system in a most refreshing and stimulating way.  It is both delicious for the Olfactory (smell) Sense as well as helpful to the Endocrine System.  

These blends help the body to attain "Whole Body Positive Health" according to Dr. Debrah Zepf, one of our most beloved Practitioners, who did her PhD Thesis on this subject. Through her clinical research, she found that using aromatic medicine blends can lower cholesterol and improve general health!  She has developed a product line that is pure and natural.  A different blend for each of the Energy Centers (glands) of the Human Body.  You can easily incorporate the use of Aroma Therapy into your Healthcare Practice in combination with Acuscope-Myopulse Treatments.  And enjoy using Aroma Therapy in your personal life as well.  Be sure to recommend this line of products to others.  

Available as Essential Oil Blend and/or Spray Bottle "Spritzers" 
PLEASE NOTE:  Dr. Zepf is available for instruction.

Click on this link to order:  Essential Oils: Chakra Blends & Mist Spritzers 

Or call Dr. Zepf's office directly to order:  303-249-742