The Crystal Store


Holding  quartz and other crystals in your hands feels good.  

These clear quartz heart-shaped crystals fit perfectly into the contour of the palm, while the fingers wrap comfortably around the smooth rounded shape.  Hand to patients to hold during treatment, especially during relaxation procedure.  

Here is a collection of crystals and earth stones that may be held in various combinations.  For example, while holding a heart-shaped clear quartz in the right hand, hold one of the other types of crystal in the left.  Or, hold only the smoky quartz ball (upper left) in both hands; or the fluorite ball (to the right) in combination with the fluorite frog.  

A pendulum can steady the mind, swinging right and left or back and forth while holding another crystal in the other hand.  Breathe in long slow, deep exhalations and inhalations to help circulate oxygen and energy.  It is thought that crystals are made of trapped frequencies, hence their color.  

Shown below are a set that correspond to the "Chakras" (glands of the Endocrine System; energy centers of the body and head).  From left to right (base to crown):

Red Jasper - Carnelian - Citrine - Rose Quartz - Lapis - Sodalite - Amethyst
                                                      Green Quartz

To purchase a set of the above heart-shaped crystals, call Jewelry & Mineral of Las Vegas702.733.7166 and ask for Mike.  Let him know that you found him on Jan Dacri's website, or that you are an Acuscope Practitioner, and he will know what you want.  He is a wealth of information as a resource; and a very special person.  The huge store in Las Vegas is definately worth visiting if/when you are in town.  It is on Sahara, just north of The Strip.  

They will accept credit card payment over the phone and will safely pack and ship your crystals anywhere.  These make great gifts for anyone "to have and to hold!"

Plants and crystals . . . a good combination.  See Smoky Quartz sphere in the photo (right) with Zamofolia and Philodendron Brasil also Kukui Nut Necklace from Hawaii.