All About Sunlight & Full-Spectrum Lighting


When we must be inside most of the time, and no sunshine streams in through the windows, many people (and animals) experience emotional darkness (depression; SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder). 

It has long been thought that it is not possible to have live plants thrive indoors in rooms without sunlight streaming in through windows.  However, it IS NOW POSSIBLE!  

Thankfully, "Full-Spectrum Lighting" is now available, mimicking sunlight indoors; supplemental lighting  that generates the full-spectrum of light (all the colors of the rainbow). 

No kidding, I have it in my garage where two of my cats are thriving and happy, playful and healthy, right along with my Philodendrons, Pothos, and Zamafolia . . . indoor plants! Actually, I have Full-Spectrum Bulbs in fixtures throughout my home in every room where live plants are growing.

Full-Spectrum Lighting is also great for any Wellness and/or Beauty Treatment room wherever natural sunlight is unavailable.  It creates a bright indoor environment.   It helps to make plants and people (and animals) happy and healthy.  Good for the eyes, nerves, and Vitamin D assimilation.  Who knew, huh?

The Original Full-Spectrum Lighting Company is Ott Lite - a great source for buying on-line; or, call their friendly customer service folks to order by phone: 
Call Toll Free: 800.842.8848
Call Local: 813.621.0058

Purchase the bulbs you need to make this happen:

20w Bulb Type M

Full-Spectrum Bulbs that support indoor plant growth

Read how Full-Spectrum Lighting was invented; you'll love the story, everyone smiles: 
Once Upon A Time Story

Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. is another leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, Full-Spectrum lighting solutions for home and office applications.

For lighting rooms where plants live, ceiling Track Lighting is recommended. A track of 3 is sufficient for three hearty plants living close together (which they like!). If you have up to seven plants, a track of 6 is recommended.  Fixtures holding the Full Spectrum Bulbs can be swiveled to direct the light towards each group of plants in the room

Track Lighting fixtures are available at stores like Home Depot. Here are a few sources for purchasing on line: 
Ikea for Track Lighting