Healthy people, in general, have healthy lifestyle habits.  The seven habits listed to the left, are considered by many doctors, healthcare professionals, and wellness experts to be essential, in other words, absolutely necessary for achieving and maintaining exceptional health.  And doesn't everyone want that?  

Don't you?

You may have already acquired some of these habits, to some degree.  Most people have.  However, there is a lot to know to master each one and incorporate all seven into our daily lives.  

When we can simplify our thinking about the natural basics of health, and maintain our A-Priorities, we are more likely to keep our own human body (and mind) healthy, regardless of life's challenges and its never-ending "to do" list.

Your Doctor or Therapist may have suggested that you visit this website to learn about things that he or she would like you to know, but just doesn't have time to teach you (and all other patients) individually.

If you wish to be as healthy as possible, learn and apply all the tools and techniques, hints and suggestions within each topic.  There is much confusion regarding health advice these days  . . . as the title says, these seven lifestyle habits are the basic essentials.   

We welcome you to return often to visit this website. There are PDFs to download and read; PowerPoint Slide Shows to view; links to websites of healthy lifestyle products we recommend. (Nothing is sold on this site.)

Please share www.the7essential-health-habits.com with friends, family, and co-workers whom you care about.  The educational material it offers is intended to help you transform your mind and body into the healthiest possible you . . . and keep yourself that way!

We hope you enjoy the experience, and benefit from acquiring The 7 Essential Habits of Health.

Here is an overview of the topics presented on this website:
MindBody TuneUp (Click on this Link to Read in Book format as a PDF) 

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The Seven Essential Habits of Natural Health