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The Health Hazards of Negative Thinking

Don't aggravate 
your self
with your own

Watch your words.
Listen to what you say . . . "out loud" to others; and silently, inside your head.

Notice how your thoughts affect your feelings.
Know how this influences your chemistry.

Knowledge can be a powerful tool - if you use it.
Apply it to yourself first.
Then, help others.

What you eat,
What you drink,
What you think -
is up to you!


You are the Operator of the Equipment;
the Driver of the Vehicle; 
the Owner of your Soul - 
during this Life.

Thoughts and Words that convey:
anger, resentment, criticism, judgment, blame, retribution, regret, self-doubt, shame, hatred, etc. In other words, ALL NEGATIVE EMOTIONS  produce a neuro-chemical response by the glands of the Endocrine System, delivering chemicals (hormones) into the tissue nearby and surrounding our organs.  

For example:
FEAR = Adrenaline ("fight or flight") from the Adrenals;  Adrenal Fatigue results if sustained for long periods of time, influencing Cortisol levels; since cortisol influences energy production, imbalances can lead to exhaustion, hypertension (high blood pressure), and obesity, among other problems.

ANGER = puts such excessive stress on the Nervous System that the solar plexus (the energy center of our bioelectricity), where the adrenals are located, can literally shut down nerve transmissions in self-defense. 

SORROW = a response from the Thymus (secretes hormones highly influential to our immune defenses); sustained "heartache" lowers the strength of our immune system, producing toxicity in the tissue surrounding the heart muscle; sorrow is self-pity (this dishonors the dead, the dying, and those whose own path led them away from our side for reasons beyond our understanding).

SELF-DOUBT = stomach problems and eating disorders result because a craving for sugary "comfort food" causes the Pancreas to secrete insulin to the point of depletion.

SHAME = despair, loneliness, self-deprecation, and guilt all hit us in the Reproductive Glands and have an impact on the sexual organs when estrogen, progesterone, estradiol, testosterone are too low or too excessive. 

All of these (and other) negative emotional mental states can be said to cause physical STRESS which is well-known today to be the culprit causing many dis-eases.  What we need to realize is that dark, despondent, and/or angry, anxious mental states, if sustained for prolonged periods WILL produce depletion and toxicity in the tissue in and around the heart and other muscles, the brain and other and vital organs.

Stay happy, bright, cheerful . . . in a word, POSITIVE.  Be forgiving of yourself and others.  Be grateful and generous.  Make a Positive Interpretation of EVERYTHING that happens . . . even if it means seeking the life-lesson you can learn from the experience as soon as it happens.  Release the past.  Hold optimistic expectations of the future.  Live in the NOW.  Enjoy the moments . . . 

Affirm these thoughts to yourself, saying "I AM _________________________."  Fill in the blank with the feeling you desire.

Release old habitual emotional reactions.  Control your responses until old behaviors are extinguished and new mental habits are established.

No one else can do this for you.  You must create this change in yourself.  Do it for yourself - and for those whose lives you influence . . . or suffer the consequences knowing full well why they happened.